big, tiring, difficult

career, determination, resilient

career, impossible, energy

CEO, famous, General Motors

dedication, drive, motivation

desire, hope, wish, drive

Desire, Inner fire, Grandeur

determination, drive, desire

difficult, scary, lonely

difficult, work, rich

dream, learn, success

dreams, determination, striving

drive, focus

For my family to be happy

goal, objective, hope

goals, striving, success

Great job, Leadership, Money

Happiness, Accomplishment, Success

hard work, goals, strive

mit students, Italy (lack of ambition), ivy league schools (& equivalent globally)

motivation, inspiration, important, success

motivation, success, power


power, will, work

Study, Success, Search, Unknown

success, self-serving, determination


avenir, réussite, but

compétition, monde professionnel

individualisme, progression, travail

moteur, objectif, positif

moteur, progression, travail

motivation, projet, fierté

Motivation, volonté, réussir

pouvoir, envie, réussite

Professionel, objectif, volonté

Progrès, développement, technologie

réussir, créer, dynamique

réussite, avenir, accomplissement

Réussite, futur, volonté

Réussite, moteur, études

rêve, réussite

volonté, argent, devenir puissant

volonté, courage

volonté, envie

volonté, projet, ampleur

volonté, travail, rêve



I think, in general, we have the same ideas about ambition. Most of us consider ambition as closely related to success, goals, work, etc. I noticed some negative words, such as tiring, scary, lonely on the American side but none from the French. You all seem to have similar and positive thoughts about ambition, I wonder if that's also the case for the majority of French people or just French college students. 


Yeah, I also noticed that there were a lot more words with negative connotations in from the Americans, which I did not expect. Is being ambitious a quality that is stressed growing up in France?

I notice that we all seem to agree that ambition will lead to success.  However,  very few of us associate it with money.  Yet, many of us associate success with money.  Is this because we view ambition as a very positive thing - that it is a good reason to be successful?  Instead of looking at success and saying there are many ways to be succcessful, some less honourable than others?

I am also noticing a few more words on the American side regarding tangible results:

Great job, Leadership, Money

whereas words with more intangible qualities on the French side:

Motivation, volonté, réussir


Is this indicative of America as a more results-driven society, and that one expects the product of ambition to be something tangible?  (Or is that too presumptuous.)

Nous voyons l'ambition positivement dans les 2 cas je suis d'accord (à part quelques mots négatifs chez vous, pas forcément représentatifs).

J'ai l'impression que nous avons plutôt cherché à répondre à la question "qu'est ce que l'ambition?" -> c'est la volonté de réussir (volonté et réussir sont les mots dominants chez nous) alors que pour vous c'est plutot "comment atteindre mon ambition?" -> c'est mon objectif, et je vais devoir travailler dur pour y arriver.

Ce qui fait que vos réponses sont plus tangibles que les notres je confirme.

Pourquoi nous n'avons pas parlé d'argent? je ne sais pas trop ... peu être parce qu'on a mis le mot argent dans déjà pas mal d'autres thèmes!!