Americans seem to be obsessed by ...

Les Américains ont l'air obsédés par...

celebrity worship

fatty foods, pick-up trucks and camouflage clothing

food, other people's lives, love, family.

food, winning, and money.

individualism, power, money and sex.

money, work, and democracy.

money. consumption.

technology, food, politics, divorce

the American Dream, free healthcare (whether they are for or against it), and themselves.

la bouf

la mal bouffe

la malbouffe.

la nourriture

la nourriture

le port d'arme, les théories du complot, leur liberté, le 11 septembre.

les armes

les fast foods.

les peoples, la nourriture grasse.

les problèmes économiques


Food all around!

Really?  Just food?  It looks like the French students don't see much else in us besides an alleged (but in my opinion correct) love of food.  Or "bouf".

Heh heh... bouf...

Oui, la nourriture revient souvent. Cela est peut-être dû au fait que les fast-food soient pour nous une image de l'amérique.

That makes sense to me.  We DID (to the best of my knowledge) start up most fast food chains the world over.

I have started to think of others countries (many the larger cities) as having fast food as well.  McDonalds seemed pretty popular when I was in France although like Alex said, most of the fast food chains were started here.

Les fast-food sont très répendus en France et se développent très vite.

It's true, though. I catch a few minutes of Good Morning America in the morning and the local news at night and 70% of the time I see at least one bit about fast food or fatty foods in general. Does fast food get the same sort of attention in France?