a good boss is...

a bon patron c'est...

a leader who listens

concerned with the well-being of their employees equally to that of their business.

Hardworking, kind, and understanding, but also makes sure that people are doing their jobs well.

nice, motivating,and understanding.

not only someone who gives orders, but also someone who looks out for his/her subordinates and takes care of them as well.

somebody who used to be a normal empoloyee so they have experienced your problems.

someone who doesn't micromanage to the n'th degree yet can maintain control, and someone who is a friend to the employees.

Someone who is a strong leader but does not take advantage of the power they have been given. They should be there to mediate during situations and help to make sure all the voices are heard. Good decision maker. relatable.

someone who is not your friend but not your enemy, someone who demands respect, who keeps you on task


quelqu'un de respectueux, d'honnête.

quelqu'un qui est juste et honnête avec ses employées.

quelqu'un qui nous pousse à bien travailler.

un mec sympa qui donne des primes

un patron compréhensif, entreprenant, pas laxiste.

un patron compréhensif.

Un patron qui n'abuse pas de son pouvoir, qui ne méprise pas les autres.

une personne honnête qui n'est pas stressée et stressante.

une personne respectueuse et autoritaire


Pour moi un bon patron c'est quelqu'un d'indulgent, qui comprend ses employées. Dans certaines entreprises le patron, les employées s'arrêtent a midi mangent et boivent un coup ensemble . Une bonne entente est primordiale.

I agree with that statement. I think that more and more places here in the U.S. are understanding that as well.