artistic, beautiful, fancy food, fashionable clothing

bread, liberty, resistance

cuisine, love, baquette

eiffel tower, metro cheese, socialism

fashion, food, romance

Love, Cheese, Snobs, Fashion

Moustaches, berets, baguettes.

romantic, old, revolution

socialism, beret, smoking, ww2, sarkozy

beau avenir ski

Droit de l'Homme, Culture, histoire

droit de l'homme, Fromage, Vin de Bordeaux

Fromages, Pain, Vins

hexagone, francs, Paris


Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

Paris, droits de l'homme, Vins

Paris, ski, agriculture

riche, diverse, handball


French Stereotypes

I think this is an appropriate image to describe the American perspective

Our answers were the stereotypes of France at least here in the US like the Eiffel Tower, cheese, socialism, and romantic.  I never really thought of France as a good place for skiing probably because I don't ski.  I also didn't relate France and handball.

I mean the stereotype that people in America think of the French. It's ridiculously untrue, but it's what comes to mind.

These answers were really weird.  Two french people said "hexagone" for france.  That's kinda goofy that they immediately think of it's shape rather than the culture or people.  I also agree with lauren i really don't associate france with skiing and i am a skier.  Maybe wherever their school is is near the alps.  

Yeah, I've never associated France with athleticism and that was big in their answers.  All of us Americans had the typical view of France : fashion, food, romance - much dreamier than what the French students put down

i do associate the french with the baguette and the beret. and i do love escargot. but the ugly fat snoody guy not so much.

I agree with Erik, although we might not associate America with any given shape because, let's face it, what shape is America?

I also agree with Eleanor. From the American answers I get the image of a moonlit night and a wonderful dinner, straight out of some stereotyped movie. Whereas, from the French responses, I can picture France as a 21st century country not completely unlike America.

I agree with Anna. Reading these responses was very interesting. I never associate France particularly with skiing or handball (although I do consider it to be a place where many love to ski). I agree with Anna also about being able to refocus my picture of France after this.

Bonjour à tous et désolée du retard,

En explication aux mots "ski" et "handball" associés à la France: pour le ski nous somme en effet en Savoie donc le ski est une part intégrante de la culture ici, en raison de la proximité avec les Alpes. Pour le handball, certains élèves sont en section sport étude et font partie du pôle espoir de handball de Chambéry. On peut en plus associer à cette réponse les excellents résultats de l'équipe de France de Handball au cours de ces dernières années...

C'est donc surtout une réponse qui concerne un ensemble précis d'élèves, tout comme vous devez avoir des réponses qui sont différentes d'élèves qui n'étudient pas au MIT.

Er... We don't go to MIT.  But what you said makes sense.