archaic, corrupt

branches, laws, leaders

bureaucracy, guardian, changing

democracy, oligarchy, legislature,judicial system

Evil, False, Greedy.

ideally: for the people, by the people
in practice: doesn't really live up to the promises, often corrupt, but does offer some voice to the people

obama, hillary, bush, congress

ruling, suits, finances

structure, inefficiency, departments, bureaucracy

assemblée, sarkozy, pourrit

démocratie république

des pourris, Sarkozy, assemblées


politique, citoyens, président

politique, décisions, réformes

Pouvoir législatif, Politique, Ministres

pouvoir, lois, décision

Rama Yade, Roseline Bachelot, divers, conflits

restriction budgétaires, immigration "choisie"


well, i think it's pretty clear that American's don't like their government.

Yes, our view of government is WAY more negative and critical.

Aparently Americans DON'T like their government, or see lots of flaws in it.

The French answers lead me to believe that they have more faith in their political system. Like they feel more represented.

While the American responses are certainly more negative, I don't think it's fair to say that we don't like our government. Speaking for myself, I wasn't thinking about specifically American Government when I made my associations, just Governments in general.

Personally, I prefer the French political system to ours.