Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

bitch, annoying, old

controversial, women's rights, first wife, healthcare

Crazy Lady.

female role model, secretary of state, ex-first lady

intelligent woman

Ireland, secretary of state, pantsuit

snuke, bill clinton, secretary of state, hil-dog

wears red alot, married to bill

woman, politics, power

épouse de Bill Clinton, politique

Bill Clinton

cocu, première dame, vice présidente

démocrate, secrétaire d'état

dommage, sympathique, démocrate

etats-unis, femme , élection


Femme influente, Ancienne première dame des USA, secrétaire d'État des États-Unis

politique, démocrate , Obama


erik, i assume that snuke was you, and that is a really funny reference.

Some Americans like her, some don't.  The French students didn't seem to have much of an opinion on her.

Hillary Clinton is just not very well known outside the US.  If she had won the elections she would be more well known but she didnt so it is similar to the minor candidates from France who people don't know in the US.

Again, the American responses are much more negative than the French. But, if Lauren is right, then that's not surprising.

I'm wondering if Americans are more critical in general, or if it's just the categories we've responded too.

The French opinion on Hillary seems to be mostly fact-based, whereas the American perspective is more opinionated and stance-based.