American, detachment, me

art, rebel, clothes

global, cell phones, one

independence, drive, self-sufficiency

Individual, Self, Responsibility

me, others

me, self, happy

Overrated and good for starting problems.

unique, freedom, self

Autonomie, Profit personnel, Intérêt

égoïsme, solitude, défaut

Défaut, égocentrique, égocentrisme

démocratie, valeur moderne,


individus, autonomie, seul

seul solitaire ce prendre pour le centre du monde

seul, égoiste, à part

sport, défaut

tout seul, égoïste


I suppose because individualism is a part of the ideal American dream, it isn't surprising that the Americans see individualims as positive while the French are more harsh on the concept. If the French goals aren't to achieve the best for the self, what are they?

This topic seems to be particularly revealing about our different cultures. Only one of us listed individualism as a fault. Do you think that in general French culture is more group oriented or is anti-individual? I would say that in general American culture is very pro-inividual and pro-ego and more anti-group.

It looks like a lot of the french students feel that individualism makes one egotistical.  Although I don't necessarily think that individualism is a good thing, I don't believe that it automatically makes someone egotistical for trying to define themselves.  What I mean to say is that one doesn't have to be conceited or self-loving in order to make himself/herself an individual.

Of course, I could have misinterpreted what the french students meant when they said "egoist".

These responses were really interesting.  I agree with Anna, the idea of acheiving individual success is deep in our culture, whereas it may not be so in France, so individualism is seen as a more negative quality.

Like Alex, I'm not sure if the term "individualism" has a different connotation or is another idea completely in French.

I feel like our perspective "individualism" is seen as a positive factor. Whereas the French students seem to view it as a negative entity.

i agree with the fact that the contrast between the US and the French interpretations of individualism was an interesting one.