Johnny Halliday

Johnny Halliday

Chanteur, Johnny Halliday, Chuck Norris.

dumb movie

french elvis, old, crusty, frightening

French singer

funny, artist, french

movie star, singer

music, movie

never heard of him, baseball, the shining,

singer, French, celebrity

avantagé, vieu, musique

célèbre chanteur, idole, Læticia

chanteur, passé,

chanteur, rock , populaire

chanteur, trop vieux, retraite

Has-been, beauf, 3ème age

rock symbole cigarette

Vieu chanteur, Route 66, Américanisé

vieux, riche, optic 2000

vieux,chanteur,optic 2000


The responses aren't too terriby different. I don't really know that much about him, except from watching a movie about him in French class. I'm curious as to if his music is still listened to often.

 Je ne comprends pas pourquoi certaines personnes pensent à "Chuck Noris" ou au "baseball" quand on leur parle de Johnny Hallyday.

Those are very bizarre answers.

there was a baseball player with the last name "halliday".

but i was not the one who said baseball, cause i actually know who johnny halliday is.

What is Optic 2000?

Opitic 2000 est un magasin de lunettes.

Johnny Hallyday en a fait la publicité.