a little disappointing but you have to keep in mind the mess that he stepped into when he was elected

first black president, pop culture icon, democratic platform, waiting for him to accomplish all the good stuff he promised

Good Guy, Black, Smart.

historical, spends a lot of money, determined to pass health care

intelligent, kind

leader, U.S, barrack

liberal, cool, pioneer, hope poster

president, black, white house, nice

president, democrat, good

avenir, changement, (guerre en Afghanistan?)

avenir, espoir,

changements, avenir, démocrate

espoir, président, 1er black

Etats-Unis, président, noir

noir, président, changement

président des USA, noir, nouvelle politique

président US noir grand


Réformiste, Proche du peuple (démocrate), Premier président noir


We said a lot of the same things, but some Americans were a little more critical.

I agree with Eleanor. The French responses don't really surprise me, considering how I perceived the rest of the to think about our previous president.

I feel like the American answers are always going to be influenced by events that are happening in America; like the recession and other things that happen daily that the French don't necessarily know about.

The French answers convey a unanimous positive view of Obama. The fact that he's the first black president seems to be a very important factor in the French students view of him.

Considering he's the first major black leader, and France is usually seen as a haven for liberal views and progressive politics, it seems like they may be changing their stance towards Americans and the United States in general.