excuses, nice thought, confused, conflict

faith, community, charity, bigotry

False, false, false.

god, christians, jesus, church

Misguided, Conspiracy, Brainwashing, Conservative

no, widespread, belief

prayer, rosary, cross

Sunday, choice, socially unacceptable

wars, beliefs, divided

Athéisme, Multitude, Secte

église, prière, culte


Conflits, Mythes, Infondée

croyances, athéisme, inutile

dieu n'existe pas

dieu, ciel, jésus

extrémistes, réactionnaire,

laïsme, choix, conflits

mensonge, abus, générosité à l'origine


Well, it's clear that there are negative views of religion on both sides.

I think it's interesting that Religion is viewed so negatively by both, because France's history with Religion is a lot different from America's.

But I am wondering if our responses to Religion reflect those of the rest of the country or just the "Roeper" view.

In response to Anna's response, I would say that I didn't think that the French answer would be very religious. Maybe these are just preconceptions that we both have.

Do you think that the general climate of France is this way, or just your school or area?

I think that there are two pretty distinct beliefs on the French side. Either a supportive way or one that sees the flaws in religion and the problems that they cause.

The American perspective is pretty unanimous in terms of the beliefs aspect, the only other non-critical comments are objects/actions that are associated with religion (church, prayer, rosary, cross)

Taylor, I didn't think that the French responses would be more Religious per se, I just thought they would be different from Americans in general because they have a history of things like Religious violence and intolerance, where America has the right to Freedom of Religion.