blah, learning, homework

Friends, fun, evil incarnate.

pens, calculator, tiredness

Roeper, fun, learning, books

Roeper, homework, stress, friends

test, work, boring

tiring, homework, classes, friends

Work, Busy, Somewhat Excessive

work, homework, time consuming

Apprentissage, Laïque, obligatoire

avenir travaille pote

Devoirs, Etudes, Avenir

indispensable, avenir

jeunesse, amis, devoirs, souvenirs


obligatoire, enseignement, devoir

professeurs, devoirs, classe

travail, devoirs, amis

travail, travail, travail


It appears that everyone associates school with work.  I suppose that it IS a precursor to work, but not many people on either end really associate school with learning for the future.

It would seem as though we have the same ideas about how tiring or hard school is. The only real difference is that we seem to associate it with the name of our school a bit more. Our school is a small private school and a lot of us take great pride in it so that's probably why.

The responses are very similiar on both sides, and most of them have to do with necessity rather than having fun and enjoying oneself. I would say in general that, at least at Roeper, that we are generally happy at school. Do French teenagers typically like school?

I think that based on the responses on our end, people here don't like school as much as the students from France.

Homework and friends seem to be the most notably links between the two columns.  I feel this is a perfect description of school.  Of course high school is coming to an end so my opinion will probably change for the better since school has given me some good times to look back on.

Friends and work seem to be the biggies. I agree.

Yup, yup.  I agree with Abby and Lauren that friends and work are the common links.  Our view of school did  seem a bit more negative than the French school, but I wonder if that's a Roeper thing or an American thing.

Nous avons des réponses identiques et le lycée c'est en effet surtout le travail et les amis. Je pense aussi qu'à la fin du lycée nous trouvons certains cours beaucoup plus ennuyeux car nous avons envi de suivre des cours qui pourront nous servir pour notre future métier. En France nous devons très vite nous orienter dans une filière mais nous pouvons quand même changer d'idées. Et vous comment se passe votre orientation?

Effectivement, nous avons beaucoup de réponse identique. Cependant, les français assimilent plutôt le mot "school" à l'école de l'enfance qu'au véritable lycée où nous étudions aujourd'hui. Il semble également que l'école aux USA soit plus hardu au niveau du travail que l'école française. Combien de temps passez vous chaque soir sur vos devoirs?

I spend about 2-3 hours on homework I night if I spread out projects. If I procrastinate and have to write a paper all in one go it can take 5 or more hours.

i think anna is a little extreme. I spend like maybe 1 hour per night on homework.

I agree with Anna.  Around 3 hours a night, maybe more.  It depends on how hard my current classes are, and whether we have a lot of projects or papers.