Les Français semble être obsédés par ...

The French seem to be obsessed with ...

beauté, argent, confort

l'amour, le football et les congés payés.

l'argent, l'appartenance social

l'argent, la nourriture

l'argent, la réussite, la pression

l'argent,le sexe et la bonnne-bouffe

la boisson.
les "inégalités".

la conservation de leur indépendance, la recherche d'un espace de vie plus grand et plus éloigné des villes.

la démesure

la nourriture, le bonheur, la famille

la politique et donner des leçons

la réussite, l'argent, le regard des autres

le sexe

le travail, la réussite, l'argent.

le vin, leur couple

leur image

leurs privilèges obsolètes.

anything French

being dressed fashionably.


breakfest and food

Charles de Gaulle, wine, cycling

cheese, poigras, wine


food, cigarettes, sex

French nationality and language.

good food choices.

hating on Americans

making fun of Americans?

not sure!

nothing I can think of.

the arts and being kind to people.

watching soccer


According to a majority of French, the French seem to be obssessed with money, fashion, sex and food. It reveals that French might focus on non-important things mainly. By non-important things, I mean that French don't care of family, love or friendship. According to American, the French seem to be obssessed with the same ideas. In addition, some Americans found French as haters, and particularly american haters. France appears as a country giving lessons due to its history and the declaration of human rights. Nevertheless, they might give more lessons to other countries but are not able to follow their own lessons to themselves. That may be the reason why some American found French as amrican haters.