Chez moi


amies, famille

appartement, maison, lit, bonheur

Auvergne, famille, dormir

bazard vacances sport

Calme, détente, recevoir des ami(e)s

chat, télévision, cuisine

collocation, chambre, loyer

confort, intimité, détente

confort, parents, famille


famille, activités, repas


Intimité Tranquilité Repos

maison racine


Sécurité et confort

sécurité, tranquillité, solitude

tranquillité, bien être, famille

vert, sympa, joie

Bathroom, Bedroom, Garage

comfort, family, reflection of the self

cozy, relex, family

cozy, warm, food

family, comfortable, safe

house, door, family


Kitchen, furniture, bedroom



residence, safe, warm

safe, warm, relaxing

Safety, Love, family,

sweet, cozy, warm

warm, comfortable, family

warming, safe, happy


Ben and me have chosen the word "home" :


To sum up our opinion, this subject inspired a safety feeling in each sides. Some keywords like warm, safety are in both sides but Americans wrote two interesting keywords : "cozy" and "warm". Actually, "chez moi" and "home" have a different meaning : "chez moi" in France is related to our flat near school and "home" is more connected to our family home. That why in French side, we can find "collocation", "amies" whereas in American side, they insisted on "warm", "house", "love", etc.

To conclude, we can say that "home" inspired a safety feeling in both countries.