camembert odeur france

camembert toast fondu

Cantal Bleu Pain

cantal, raclette, ossau-iraty


chèvre, brebis, vache

chèvre, comté, france

chèvre, roquefort, bleu


France, Auvergne, respect

France, odeur, nourriture

France, pain, manger, dessert

France, vin, délicieux


Nourriture, fromage blanc, pain

odeur, gruyère

raclette, conté

repas, pain, vin

tom & jerry

Alpine lace, American, cheddar

amazing, delcious, many kinds


brie, cheddar, american

Burger, grater, feta

camera, Chuck E Cheese's, orange


cheeseburgers, snacks, delicious

delicious, pepperjack, swiss, cheddar

funny, yummy, yellow

Melted, Macaroni, Pizza

mouse, hole, yellow

sandwich, tasty, american

smelly, white, snack

wine, brie, milk

yellow, food, macaroni


According to French students, cheese appears as a symbol of France. Indeed, some students wrote France contrary to American. Amercian students were more focusing on cheddar (or yellow cheese), sandwiches and even hamburgers. They might eat more cheese in sandwiches than by itself, as do French. We can conclude that , culturally, cheese is an ingredient and not a dish for American. Contrary to them, French used to enjoy eating cheese without any bread such as Chèvre, Camembert and even Gruyère (which is coming from Switzerland).