A good job is a job...


  • A good job is a job that pays well
  • that can support me and my family, while i still enjoy it.
  • that I am happy with.
  • That is worth doing
  • That pays well and doesn't interfere too greatly with your life outside work.
  • that surrounds me with friendly people and has a productive atmosphere
  • that you enjoy doing
  • that you love doing
  • that you love doing
  • that you love doing.
  • 一份轻松自由能自己做主的工作是好的工作。
  • 中医是好的工作,设计师是好的工作
  • 做自己喜欢的工作,当老师是最好的工作。
  • 医生
  • 大学老师、医生
  • 导游是好的工作,外交官是好的工作
  • 当一名作家,在家里或办公室静静地创作作品
  • 当老师是好的工作。
  • 教师是好的工作.
  • 有钱有自由是最好的工作
  • 翻译员,老师。
  • 能让自己充实且快乐的,报酬可观的工作
  • 自己喜欢并且擅长,工资高
  • 自由是最好的工作,做自己愿意做的是最好的工作
  • 适合自己且能让自己快乐的是好工作。






For the most part, both the American students and the Chinese students said that a good job was one that pays well, and is one that you like doing. I noticed that the Chinese students named more specific jobs, such as teacher, doctor, writer, etc., while the American students did not.

From reading the responses, I think both American and Chinese students would very much like a job that allows them a lot freedom. In America, most companies are very flexible and they strive to make their employees as happy as possible in order to achieve creativities and maximum result. Companies such as Google and Apple would be an ideal work place since they a lot freedoms to their employees. After all, they are two of the best companies in the world. What is your ideal work place? And what sort of freedom do you expect from your company?