I can't stand when people ...

我受不了有人 ...

  • annoy me, have no respect
  • are ignorant, inconsiderate, and disrespectful.
  • are not well informed
  • can't drive properly/drive slow.
  • complain when they are in the wrong
  • I can't stand when people don't pay attention
  • refuse to listen to children's ideas just because they're young.
  • snore
  • Take your favors and give nothing in return
  • Talk about the military
  • 不尊重别人,自以为是
  • 乱扔垃圾。
  • 我受不了别人毫无缘由的骂我
  • 我受不了有人不尊重我的隐私
  • 我受不了有人嘲笑我。
  • 我受不了有人在图书馆大声喧哗。我受不了有人插队。
  • li>我受不了有人大呼小叫,我受不了有人作弊

  • 我受不了有人大声讲话。
  • 我受不了有人欺负。
  • 我受不了有人背叛我。
  • 我受不了有人随便在背后说别人的坏话。
  • 我受不了有人非常自私,我受不了有人在背后说别人坏话




I can’t stand when my neighbor plays loud music!

Why is it you cannot stand someone who is having a conversation in public with maybe a friend or acquaintance? Do you find it disrespectful to talk in public? Also would you still be angry if someone talked publicly on a bus or train?

Overall, I noticed that the majority of both American and Chinese students can’t stand when people are disrespectful in one way or another. My question is: is there anything that is disrespectful in China that we as Americans would not necessarily consider disrespectful?