It would be a lot of fun to ...


  • Go back to Iraq
  • go SCUBA diving
  • go to hawaii, be rich
  • go to the firing range.
  • It would be a lot of fun to travel around the world
  • Take a trip to the Alps.
  • travel.
  • travel the world
  • travel the world
  • travel the world.
  • 你來这里会很好玩儿。
  • 做自己从来没做过的事
  • 去山清水秀的地方会感到很好玩,宽广的大草原
  • 和朋友、家人去旅行会很好玩儿,自己动手做自己喜欢的东西会很好玩儿
  • 和朋友谈天说地
  • 学会弹吉他会很好玩儿。
  • 把学习与兴趣相结合会很好玩,自己动手来做点事会很好玩
  • 搞小伙伴恶作剧
  • 游泳会很好玩,爬山会很好玩
  • 溜冰会很好玩
  • 照顾小孩
  • 蹦极会很好玩
  • 蹦极会很好玩儿,高空跳伞会很好玩儿
  • 追剧
  • 长途旅行可能会很好玩儿。认识很多的朋友可能会很好玩儿。



question :如果美国学生的学习压力像中国学生一样大,他们的回答还会和现在一样吗?

I agree with 唐丽媛, there is not much variety in answers from the American students where there is a great variety in activities mentioned by the Chinese students. I think Americans might be more interested in travel as a hobby than the Chinese students and may see traveling as more fun. I noticed a few Chinese students mentioned bungee jumping while others mentioned simply hanging out with friends and family. Do you tend to see calmer activities as more fun or do you like “thrill-seeking”?

Also, to answer 唐丽媛’s question, I do think that if there were more American students in the class there were be a greater variety in answers.