The most significant events in my life are ...

我生命中最有意义的事有 ...

  • any holiday I spend with family.
  • being born, and getting into college
  • Family birthdays and holidays.
  • grandmothers death,
  • my high school graduation.
  • starting college, visiting China
  • The most significant events in my life are when I move to USA, and when I started University
  • the ones that make me a better person
  • Those that make me feel happy and accomplished
  • War
  • 与家人一起游玩,与一人白首
  • 为最好的朋友做力所能及的事,与父母的每一次交心畅谈
  • 从生活里学到很多东西,认识了许多形形色色的人
  • 和家人一起聊天.做游戏,高四一年的感知
  • 和最好的朋友去旅游
  • 在对的时间找到一个对的人在一起,阖家欢乐
  • 我生命中最有意义的事有一件
  • 我生命中最有意义的事有做志愿者
  • 我生命中最有意义的事有帮助别人,我生命中最有意义的事有做自己喜欢的事和认识喜欢的人,我生命中最有意义的事有发现新奇的事
  • 我生命中最有意义的事有成家立业,我生命中最有意义的事有向想象中完美的自己更靠近一点
  • 我生命中最有意义的事有高中时期做的任何违纪的事情
  • 我生命中最有意义的是有很多,例如:做志愿者,到敬老院看望老人,献血。
  • 每年都栽种一批树
  • 高考和写诗


我发现中美两国学生都会觉得与家人在一起,进入大学生活和变得更好有意义,然后也有特立独行的同学比 如战争和违纪的事情,然后美国学生大多基于目前,而中国学生有提及对对象及对未来。总体差异不大




In war, you are able to form a bond unlike no other. You are protecting your brothers as they protect you. Many veterans of the United States Military hate leaving the fast-paced disciplined lifestyle of the military and can become upset as they age because they can no longer do what they once could. I continue to see this first hand with both of my grandfathers and with my cousins.

One recurring theme in both the American and Chinese responses was both family and friends. Clearly family plays a key role in both of our culture. Another thing that i noticed was that multiple Chinese students put things such as volunteering or donating blood as their most significant events in their life. One question I had after reading these was : How often do you Volunteer in China?