My greatest worry …

我最担心的是 …

  • failing
  • failure, becoming paralyzed
  • is that I wasn't productive enough on any given day
  • is that I will lose my family or someone I love too early.
  • is that I won't finish school and find a job.
  • Is that I won't succeed in life
  • is that my friend will be fired
  • Letting my soldiers down
  • my friend in the Navy
  • My greatest worry is the future
  • 在自己努力后还是没有成果
  • 我最担心的是不能做好自己的事,我最担心的是不自信
  • 我最担心的是努力后却得不到回报。
  • 我最担心的是吃东西长胖,晒太阳晒黑。
  • 我最担心的是失去内心真正的想法。我最担心的是迈不开腿。
  • 我最担心的是学无所成,我最担心的是和朋友之间的相处
  • 我最担心的是我妈妈生病。
  • 我最担心的是我是否会长胖。
  • 我最担心的是挂科、长胖、爸妈对自己失去信心。
  • 我最担心的是挂科,我最担心的是家人的健康。
  • 我最担心的是有人抢劫,我最担心的是钱包不见了,我最担心的是银行卡密码泄露
  • 我最担心的是期末考试会过不了了。
  • 我最担心的是没有目标的明天
  • 父母一天天老去
  • 考试不过关
  • 考试挂科,家人生病
  • 辜负家人的期望,对自己越来越没有信心


Do you tend to feel a lot of pressure coming from your parents to succeed? I noticed there seemed to be a lot of tension with succeeding in exams and making your parents proud of you. Finally, is there a lot of emphasis on maintaining a certain weight?

I noticed that several Chinese students put gaining weight as their greatest worry. How important is it to you that other people think you look good and/or healthy?