What is most important to me right now ...

现在对我来说最重要的是 ...

  • America.
  • Education is the most important to me right now
  • friends, family, school
  • is my family and friends.
  • is preparing for Thanksgiving
  • my education, my personal health, family
  • my family
  • Passing my classes, not bankrupting myself
  • success
  • The Army
  • 亲人、朋友
  • 学业有成,家人平安
  • 学习。
  • 学习,提高自身素质。
  • 现在对我来说最重要的是不断完善自己。
  • 现在对我来说最重要的是优异的成绩
  • 现在对我来说最重要的是努力学习。现在对我来说最重要的是英语四级考试能过。
  • 现在对我来说最重要的是各科成绩都很好;父母,朋友开心快乐
  • 现在对我来说最重要的是大学顺利毕业找到好的工作。
  • 现在对我来说最重要的是学习,现在对我开始最重要的是搞好人际关系,现在对我来说最重要的是过好大学生活
  • 现在对我来说最重要的是家人,学习,时间,朋友
  • 过好大学生活,抓住爱情


question :是因为生活在自由的社会环境下,所以回答这个问题时会出现国家和军队吗?

After reading the responses above, it appears to me that American and Chinese students are as equally concerned about the education. As college students and at this age, I don’t think there is anything else more important than to finish school besides from friends and family. At this age we are ready to enter the work force and be an independent adult.