What most people in my generation lack ...

我们这个世代的年轻人缺乏的是 ...

  • empathy
  • is
  • is attentiveness and willingness to work hard
  • is respect.
  • Is true happiness
  • patience
  • the ability to deal with their feelings.
  • the motivation to go after what they want, they expect things to be handed to them.
  • What most people in my generation lack is attention span
  • Work ethic and emotional fortitude
  • 创新突破的胆量,平静容忍的素质
  • 创新精神。
  • 勤奋
  • 勤奋好学的耐心,吃苦耐劳的精神
  • 吃苦耐劳
  • 我们这个世代的年轻人缺乏的是坚持.
  • 我们这个世代的年轻人缺乏的是坚持和自立,我们这个世代的年轻人缺乏的是创新的精神和勇敢的勇气
  • 我们这个世代的年轻人缺乏的是奋斗精神
  • 我们这个世代的年轻人缺乏的是热情和坚持
  • 我们这个时代年轻人缺乏的是文化知识与素养,缺乏锻炼与实践。
  • 我们这个时代的年轻人缺乏的是上进心
  • 我们这个时代的年轻人缺乏的是自制力。
  • 缺乏的是毅力,缺乏的是勇气
  • 责任
  • 锻炼。





It seems like Chinese students feel that this generation lacks skills to succeed in the professional world, like innovation and hard work. Whereas American students feel that this generation lacks emotional skills like empathy and happiness

It looks like American students are more focused on their emotional well-being, whereas Chinese students focus more on their chances to succeed in life.

It is interesting to the see the difference in answers between the American and Chinese students. I definitely agree that many people in our generation lack emotion stability. Increased stress from a variety of factors have a growing impact on people our age. It is also interesting to see that the Chinese students have concerns about a lack of professional skills. Is this an issue with lack of people attending college or is college not preparing students enough for the real world?