You see a mother in a supermarket slap her child.


  • Ask her not too.
  • Feel bad for the kid, that mother won't listen to what a stranger tells them
  • Good parenting
  • Ignore her.
  • I see if the child is ok
  • I would keep walking.
  • I would want to say something but I feel like if this were to actually happen I'd be too scared to approach the mother because I don't want to be disrespectful.
  • I would want to slap her
  • None of my business, I would ignore it unless she went further than one gentle slap. After that I would confront the monther.
  • shocked, blown away, might look for help
  • walk pass
  • 很震惊,会去劝阻吧。
  • 心疼小孩三秒钟
  • 怎么可以随便打小孩。
  • 感叹
  • 我会上前制止她的行为,疏通这个妈妈的想法,因为孩子是妈妈的骨肉
  • 我会上前和她妈妈沟通,告诉这位妈妈小孩也是有尊严的,请照顾孩子的感受。
  • 我会上前阻止她。
  • 我会纠正她的行为并且让她了解正确教育孩子的方式
  • 我会觉得这个妈妈很没素质
  • 有点疑惑。但还是换位思考可能是母亲为孩子好,也可能是母亲做法不合情理。
  • 纠正她的行为,并告诉他这样对孩子不害
  • 继续逛
  • 觉得这个妈妈教育孩子的方法太极端
  • 走开
  • 转身离开
  • 这个妈妈脾气不好
  • 这孩子做错事了,这妈妈脾气不好,我会向她咨询打孩子的原因
  • 那个小孩犯了错
  • 问她为什么
  • 问清楚打孩子的原因,然后劝她理智面对发生了的事情。


I noticed that almost every Chinese student said that they would intervene, while only 1 or 2 American students said that they would stop the mother. I feel that in the USA, we are reluctant to help the child since it is “none of our business”.
What is your reasoning behind intervening?

In the US, intervening on this situation would be, to the mother at least, an invasion of privacy. She’d probably say something like “don’t teach me how to raise my own children”. We all know the type, they can’t be argued with.
I’m not really sure how this situation would play out in China. Though I can assume from the responses that it wouldn’t go over very well.




It seems that more Chinese students would interfere than American students. I think this is due to the difference in culture. In America, the culture seems to be more of a “you are free to do what you want with your children” mindset. In addition, I have noticed generally that American students are less likely to react to something even if they feel just as upset as a Chinese student. Again, this is probably due to the difference in culture.