• different, country
  • guest, explorer
  • immigrant
  • language, culture
  • Native
  • new, confused, immigrant
  • person, language, unique
  • Plane, Boat, and Travel
  • traveler, different culture
  • Vacation
  • white, America
  • 冒险精神,勇敢,高鼻梁
  • 坦诚,直率,热情
  • 宗教、冒险、求知欲
  • 开放,乐观,享受主义
  • 思想自由,行为开放,爱冒险
  • 极限运动,求知欲,思想开放
  • 热情的,友好的,开放的
  • 英俊,热情,开放
  • 蓝眼睛,黄头发,白皮肤
  • 酷爱冒险,挑战,开放
  • 陌生人,高,白,蓝眼睛,开放
  • 高鼻梁,冒险精神,外语
  • 黄头发,鼻梁高,电影工厂


We don’t all have Blonde Hair and Blue eyes =p

Our responses seemed very different for this term. In general your comments were much more positive and upbeat then ours, with words like adventurous sprit, brave, love, warm and open. On the other hand we used words of things associated with traveling such as, plane, boat, immigrant, traveler, vacation. Have you ever traveled outside of China and if so, then where have you been?



Do any of you plan on ever visiting the United States?

What other shows are there like “动物世界” on the television in China? Also would you say Television plays a large part in Chinese culture?