• Dollar, rich
  • green, dollars, coins
  • green, bills
  • Hard Work
  • necessary, helpful
  • oil, cars, bands
  • power, materialism
  • spend, earn
  • valuable, work, expenses
  • Wealth, Cars, and College
  • yuan, shopping
  • 人民币,必需品,美元
  • 信用卡,人民币,欧元
  • 工资、学费、购物
  • 旅游,购物,毛主席
  • 生活中必不可少的,成功,贪婪,腐败
  • 祸害,必不可少,万能
  • 美元,人民币,银行,土豪,抢劫
  • 美食,旅游,购物
  • 衣食住行,上学,医院,事业,捐款,贪欲,犯罪,纠纷,罚单
  • 购物,生活,玩乐,享受
  • 资本主义,银行,通货膨胀
  • 重要,慈善,买东西
  • 需要,生活,富裕
  • 食物,车辆


Both Chinese and American students brought up similar things, like cars, materialism, dollar/yuan, and college expenses.

I think that we both face similar situations as students when it comes to paying tuition and relying on less money than working adults.

Is it common for Chinese University students to have cars?

In a lot of ways it is easier to start a business in China with-out all of the taxes and regulations put forth by the United States government. In a crony capitalist society such as America small businesses try to avoid hiring new employees due to tremendous overhead and potential law suits. How would you say entrepreneurship is looked upon in Chinese culture and, would you agree in saying jobs are more abundant in China due to less government interference in a free market?