• Accounting, money, Real Estate
  • Army
  • clothes, friends
  • fulfilling, money, community
  • Job, Career, and Stock Market
  • job, money, homework
  • money, customer, sell
  • money, easy
  • money, focus
  • money, time
  • money, time
  • 公务员,赶公交车
  • 公司,高跟鞋,化妆
  • 劳累,枯燥
  • 压抑的,忙的,烦躁的
  • 同事,老板,工作
  • 咖啡,地铁,薪水
  • 工作 时间自由
  • 工作轻松,报酬要高,工作要稳定
  • 工作,人际关系,赚钱
  • 工作,地铁,西装
  • 工作,工作时间
  • 工作,工资,西装
  • 拼,赚钱,梦想
  • 挣钱、人际关系
  • 辛苦的,枯燥的,无聊的
  • 辛苦,努力,工资


It seems like American people and Chinese people have the same attitude toward work. Of course our number one goal of going to work is to earn money. Based on the descriptions above, I am going to assume that Subway is the major part of transportation in China. My question is What is the most popular job in China and how long is your typical work day?

There is not much of a difference between the American and Chinese students for this word. Most of the students on both sides see “work” as a job where you make money. Some see “work” as boring and difficult and some see it as being suitable or easy.

What do you currently do for work? What would be your ideal job?





所以我认为工作得适合自己才行。我想做一个汉语教师,我觉得这个工作可以不断地锻炼自己。 那你们对自己以后的工作会有什么要求呢?

Thank you for you responses. In the future I am looking to be a certified public accountant and own a small business. My question for you is what is your desired salary?

Thank you for your responses! Your dream jobs are very interesting. For those who said they want to be a teacher, my mom is a teacher so I know that it can be fun but it is also hard work sometimes, at least here in America. Personally, my dream job is to have any job in the fashion/textile industry.

谈到薪水的话,我相信每个人都会希望自己的薪水越高越好吧!但就现在来说,我理想中的工资大约每个月在四千左右吧! 在工作方面,你更在乎的是薪水报酬还是自己的兴趣?

In United States, we tend to pay more attention to salary. It is important to chose a job that we are interested in, but if that job does not pay well it will be hard to survive. Things such as food and rent are much more expensive in the United States, unfortunately.