Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Central America, hot, Spanish

Central American
Spanish speaking

jungle, san jose, street signs

Latin America


poor, South America, beaches

rain forests, bugs, huts

Central America

South America, San Jose, jungle

spanish class


Tropical, family oriented, third-world country

hermoso, nicaragüenses, comida tipica


pacifico, democrático, pequeño

pais pequeño,bellas playas,sol y lluvia

pura vida, gallo pinto,a cachete

pura vida, mae, tuanis

pura vida,genial,independiente



Hey what does "mae" mean? What about "a cachete" and "tuanis"? I am having trouble translating those words.

My Generalization for Costa Ricans based on the answers given:

I have concluded that Costa Ricans view "Costa Rica" as a great place where they are proud to live. All of the words used point to a great small country. Words like "liberty, freedom, democratic, pretty beaches", and more, all reflect that Costa Rica is a wonderful place.


On the other hand, us Americans share different views, mainly because it is a forgein country to us. We tend to assess that Costa Rica is a small, poor country that is fairly insignificant and uninteresting. Words used like "small, poor, third world country, jungle", point to Costa Rica not being such a great place to live. 

It is interesting that the Costa Ricans have only good things about their country, and that Americans have a variety of views, many of which are negative. 

Mae es una expresion propia de todo costarricense que es utilizada para referirse a una persona, para no llamarla por el nombre,por ejemplo cuando ustedes dicen dude. A cachete significa estar bastante bien, tanto personal como economico. Tuanis significa cool.

mae es una expresion para referirse a cualquier persona

para no llamarla por su nombre