A good boss is someone who...

Un buen jefe o una buena jefa es alguien que...

also provides a good working environment for his/her employees and does not have a bias.

can keep their business or company running.

cares for their workers and considers their perspective when making decisions.

is firm, but reasonable and smart in how they lead the company at which you work.

is not too harsh but not too passive and someone who cares for their employees.

is right, just and fair towards his employees.

teaches their employees and gives them a specific job to do.

treats you fairly.

understanding yet strict

ayuda a guiar los propositos, las metas o los requerimientos establecidos, alcanzando asi el exito y el bienestar para todos.

es amable, respetuoso, toma en cuenta las opiniones de sus empleados.

me ayuda cuando lo necesite

no teme en decirle nada

que le enseñe

sabe tratar a sus empleados

se preocupa por el bienestar de los empleados

se preocupa por sus trabajadores y su trabajo


The U.S. side had a little more emphasis on wanting a firm boss. Costa Ricans are generally less confrontational than people from the U.S., and maybe this can account for weaker association of a "good boss" with "firm." The Ticos used more words like "kind" and "cares for," diction that is overall more gentle than some of the U.S. responses.

ayuda a su empleado y no solo piensa en el