A good citizen is someone who...

Un/a buen/a ciudadano/a es alguien que...

Abides by the law, acts in a time of need, and voluteers for the community.

abides by the rules and contributes to society.

abides by the rules set in the Constitution.

follows the law.

Follows the laws.

is not selfish, but is helpful, a true member of the community.

obeys the laws but also is involved and speaks their mind.

obeys the rules and laws of their city/state/nation.

participates in politics and is active

ayuda a los otros ciudadanos y quiere a su pais

es honesto, responsable,respetuoso.

lleve en el corazon a su pais

no bota basura

Piensa en los demas, quien piensa en hacer el bien sin mirar a quien.

respeta a las demas personas y la individualidad de cada uno y hace algo por el bien del pais

sigue las leyes que rigen su pais

tiene valores


The laws are mentioned frequently on the U.S. side, but less on the Costa Rican side. Along with the discussion of corruption, we talked about how perhaps the laws are perceived as less important in CR. For example, when a person is pulled over for speeding, a ticket can usually be avoided by paying a smaller sum to the police officer's pocket. With practices like this, Costa Rican do not associate "good citizens" with "law abiders" as strongly as the U.S. students do.

amar la patria, defenderla,ayudar a que el pais este bien y no vaya de mal en peor