A good student is someone who is...

Un buen estudiante es alguien que...

always does his/her best honest work.

dedicated to their work in all subjects.

determined and self-motivated.

follows the rules, and is motivated to do their best; doing the best that they possibly can in every aspect.


studious and does their work to the best of their potential.

studious and does their work.

studious and hard working

trys hard.

Aprende de los propios errores y no los comete de nuevo.

aprovecha la oportunidad de estudiar

es responsable y esforzado.

estudia a diario lo que ve en clase y nunca deja las tareas para otro dia

estudia mucho

quiera lograr su objetivo y sea disciplinado que todo el tiempo piense en su sueño

se esfuerza y lucha por lo que quiere

se esmera por conseguir y seguir sus objetivos si se propone


The responses here were pretty similar. On the CR side, there was a little more emphasis on taking advantage of education and striving to achieve education goals. Again, in a country where more education directly translates to better and better-paid jobs, opportunities to study are generally taken very seriously. Many of the students, in addition to english class and work or school, also take some other sort of "continuing education" course. The goal is to receive a particular certificate in whatever the subject, and these certificates become important assets for job searching.

My generalizations for both the students from Costa Rica and from the United States were quite similar. The only slight differences I found were that the Costa Rican students focused more on the definition of a "good student" as being someone who achieves their goals, while the students from the United States simply used words like "motivated, studious, and hard working."

 se propone las metas y las logra con esfuerzo y dedicacion