If I see a mother slap her child in the supermarket, I...

Si veo un madre que le pega a su hijo/a en el supermercado, yo ...

am flabbergasted and feel sorry for the child.

am sympathetic toward the child, but continue on my way seeing it is none of my business.

be absolutely appalled.

do not interrupt because it is a family issue and different people have different beliefs when it comes to hitting a child as a form of punishment.

give them a disapproving look

immediately tell somebody so that this child will stop suffering.

mind my own businesses, unless its really hard and abusive.

would talk to whoever I was with about it.

would tell my mother and also the employee of the supermarket. Child abuse is awful.

aunque no este de acuerdo, no diría nada, ya que cada padre o madre tiene su manera de educar y la respeto.

digo que feo se ve eso pero debe educarlo aunque esa no es la mejor manera

la reporto al PANI

le digo que no le pegue corrigalo

Le pido a dios que le de serenidad a esa mujer.

le volteo los ojos

me quedo mirando

no presto interés


Cada padre y madre tiene una forma distinta de educar a sus hijos y la respeto. Si a situacion se agrava entonces en ese caso llamaria a las autoridades y los reporto.

No le digo nada cada padre tiene su forma de criar a su hijo

I would not say anything either, but would you at least think that the parent is not respecting their child in the right way?

la enjacho