The most pressing social problem is...

El problema social más urgente es...

class conflicts.



speaking in public.

terrorism and war.

the hiatus between the upper and lower classes

the unemployment rates and poverty.

unemployment/economical issues.

world poverty.

los indigentes


la contaminacion

la discriminación.

la pobreza y la falta de educacion y preparacion para obtener buenos empleos

La seguridad es una necesidad que la sentimos todas las personas en este planeta.

las personas solo utilizan los medios faciles para comunicarse no les gusta hablar cara a cara

los robos


Bueno al leer los comentarios lo que mas me llamo la atencion fue ver dentro de las respuestas una que decia ''El terrorismo y la guerra'' como problema social.


De acuerdo al tema:

1.Creen que esto ha contribuido a la xenofobia en algunos paises?

Xenofobia: Desprecio a personas provenientes de otros paises.

2. Que papel juegan los medios de comunicacion masiva, por ejemplo la television en el terrorismo y la guerra?

3. Que medidas proponen ustedes para combatir el terrorismo y la guerra en los paises?

1. I think that war and terrorism has definitley contributed to xenophobia in other countries because people begin to associate people of certain ethnicities with a certain act of terrorism and become afraid of them.


2. The media and massive communcation make it difficult to really understand what is going on in the war because often time news stations on tv are biased.


3. I think that an important measurment in fighting terriorism and war in other countries is knowing when it is and is not appropriate for us to get involved because sometimes when we get involved, we make the problem worse.

My generalization is that the Costa Ricans don't seem to have one very serioud social problem that needs fixing. Instead, they have several problems like the poor, discrimination and absense of education that needs improving.

1. Is discrimination and racism a large problem in Costa Rica?

2. What do you believe could be done to improve education?

3. What is something that you believe is not a social problem for Costa Rica?

I have concluded that both that US citizens and Costa Ricans both suffer and experience a number of social conflicts that effect their lives and the lives of people around them. 

The major social problems in each country are different, although "poverty, pobreza" is a common conflict. It appears that faulty education and security, as well as immigration and discrimination are few of many major conflicts in Costa Rica. We tend to be effected by different problems, particularly unemployment, terrorism, war, and a troubled economy. In both cases, all of the responses are negative, and each country is suffering from a variety of social conflicts. 

Poverty was a common theme on both sides. One noticeable difference from the Costa Ricans was the inclusion of immigrants and discrimination. Racism is rampant in CR, especially regarding Nicaraguans (but continues to others, like Colombians). There is major concern about the amount of crime these people bring to Costa Rica (whether real or perceived), and also how many jobs they take away. Sentiment toward these people is frequently very negative.

el conflicto entre paises es la verdad yo pienso lo mismo