A rude person is someone who...

Una persona que se comporte en una manera mal educada es alguien que...

does not care about or respect others and only thinks about themselves.

does not respect other people.

does not think before they speak. They do not think of others before themselves.

doesn't say excuse me.

is ignorant towards others.

is not conscientious of people's feelings and is disrespectful and not polite.

lacks respect for everybody.

puts their wishes and desires over everyone' elses, one who lacks manners


es grosero, avaro,irrespetuoso, intolerante, violento.

interrumpa cuando sus mayores esten hablando

irrespeta la opinion de los demas y actua como si viviera solo en el mundo


no tiene moral ni valores

no tiene respeto por los demas

quiere ser asi porque los padres le diron una buena educacion

Quizas crecio viendo un estereotipo de ese compartamiento y lo refleja hacia las demas personas a su alrededor.


Generally, the Costa Rican students agreed with the U.S. side. On one point, however, a debate was sparked. "Puts their wishes and desires over everyone else's" was not considered to be rude. For the students, it was okay to have goals and dreams, and to not just sit back and let someone else take an opportunity away from them. Perhaps this is related to the culture mentioned with education, where good jobs are difficult to come by, and everyone is working to improve their situation to get ahead, and therefore it is okay to put these desires first.

es alguien que no a sido educado desde pequeño