A well-behaved adolescent is someone who...

Un/a adolecente bien comportado/a es alguien que...

does not argue and does as they are told.

follows the rules and does what they are told to do and respects others.

goes to school and does what they are supposed to do.

has a job and is on a good path to a normal life.

has morals

is mature and drinks responsively

is mature and responsible.

obeys their parents wishes/

takes responsibilities for their actions/acts responsibly in every situation.

no conoce

ama y honra a sus padres.

disfruta de la vida sin tener que utilizar drogas, respeta a sus padres y es estudioso

le dice NO las DROGAS

no consume alcohol ni drogas

Procura seguir las reglas o los limites que se les impongan sobre ellos.

respeta a las personas

sea maduro


The CR side had much more of an emphasis on avoiding drugs and alcohol. As before, perhaps some of this difference can be attributed to the slightly-older age of the Costa Rican students, some of whom are beyond a stage of drinking and doing drugs now that they have their own families or careers.

trata de alejarse de lo que no le hace bien y busca el bien