control, guidance
control, leadership, intimidation,
crushing, stifling
domination, government
forceful, powerful
government, ruler
important, needs to prove they deserve respect
Jesus, servant, love
King Lear, justice, trust
pope, police, government
power, control
power, G-d
power, respect
power, respect, South Park
rebel, corrupt
red tape, fighting against,, wrong
rules, enforcement
wisdom, respect

charisme, état, repression
Etat, convictions, police, croyances,
loi, respect, supérieur
parent professeur
parentale, supérieure
police, etat, lois, professeurs,parents, religion
police, respect,
pouvoir, dirige
pouvoir, domination, respect
pouvoir, impartialité, légalité
puissance, pouvoir, hiérarchie, parentale,
père, Dieu, patron, nécessaire dans la vie
sécurité, contrôle, pouvoir, hiérarchie, ordre


authority != south park

I didn't write it, but I'd say that South Park is associated with authority because it challenges it. South Park is a very anti-establishment show, so I guess it's the opposite of authority.

Pouvoir vs Puissance

I was wondering why you would use both pouvoir and puissance, as both words mean power. What distinctions are you trying to make by using both words?

Respect it

South Park is associated with the word of authority because of a classic piece of dialogue from the show, where Cartmen becomes a policeman, and repeats the phrase "You must respect my authority!" to a citizen he has pulled over. I am assuming that the correlation is only due to a silly joke. However, Isaac raises a good point that the show does in fact challenge authority to a considerable extent.

Authority and economic power

Is economic power the cause or the consequence of gaining authority?

Pouvoir et Puissance

Does one of the two, pouvoir and puissance, have a negative and/or positive connotation? Since it seemed (from responses to other words) that the French generally seemed to have a more negative connotation to power by money, influence and relations.