A "good" boss is a boss...

Un "bon" patron est quelqu'un...

there is no such thing as a good boss :)

who gives you some freedom

who is reasonable and can talk to you casually

who respects you and treats you well.

that leads and organizes his employees.

who gives his employees space to do their job

who is responsible and understanding.

who knows which managerial style suits whom best.

who encourages, and isn't afraid to make mistsakes

who does not overstep his bounds.

who is friendly and not too aggressive

like Maggy

who is considerate

that allows you to grow and learn, while guiding

who respects you and guides you.

that understands you and supports you

who is not very demanding.

leads by example, can manage,

who can handle his job without being overbearing.

provides support and direction and is positive

who treats you as their equal

who does not drive you too hard and listens to you

who is flexible and recognizes your abilities.

who can manage problems and organize well.

who respects his employees and challenges them.

shows respect for employees and earns theirs

who recognizes and rewards hard work

you respect, listens to you

who doesn't behave as a boss


qui te laisse tranquile

honnête, reconnaissant,qui réussit

qui fait marcher sa boite

de compétent, compréhensif et rigoureux

qui laisse parler tout le monde

sait oublier le profit.

qui ne maltraite pas ses employés.

qui discute


qui critique utilement

qui travaille bien avec vous

qui te demande beaucoup d'effort.

qui respecte ses collègues

qui écoute ses employés

qui a une main de fer dans un gant de velours

qu'on n'a pas tout le temps sur le dos

qui tient compte des remarques des employés

qui sait écouter et tenir compte des remarques

qui me fait confiance

qui sait valoriser les gens

qui fait pas chier

qui paye bien

qui est psychologue

qui sait se mettre à notre place