A good boss is someone

Un bon patron est quelqu'un

provides guidance but also trusts your judgment.
That pays you well, that does not boss you around too much, compliments you on your good work
who can establish a relationship of trust and respect with his subordinates
who cares for their employees, who tries to make the workplace welcoming to employees
who clearly defines what the goals are, who treats employees like people
who doesn't boss anyone, leads by example, and rewards hard work.
who doesn't fire employees for no reason, who gives raises to those who deserve them
who encourages hard work, pays a lot and doesn't expect TOO much.
who encourages his subordinates and appreciates them
who encourages workplace creativity
who gives you space to do things your way
who has good interpersonal skills, and someone that can separate mind from emotion
who is empathetic and sincere
who is encouraging, who is a good leader.
who is fair
who is fair with pay and benefits, who is understanding in cases when life happens.
who is good to his employees.
who leads with a strong hand but has compassion
who makes an effort to understand the effort of his employee.
who makes their employee want to work, understands that the employee has a life
who respects his employees, and listens to them
who rewards hard work, mediates with and listens to his/her employees.
who sets the rules but isn't overbearing
who upholds the law and helps those that are in need.

compréhensible, calme ,sage ,qui ne manipule pas
de compréhensible
de prévoyant
de responsable et de courageux
honnête, imaginatif
impartial, de jovial mais sachant mettre certaines barrières
qui se fait respecter
qui connait son activité de l'aval en amont
qui donne une bonne paie, sympathique, pas stressant
qui est à l'écoute
qui est pédagogue
qui explique
qui manage
qui manage bien
qui ne prend pas ses employés pour des numéros
qui paie bien
qui paye
qui paye bien ses employés
qui respecte ses employées
qui sait déléguer.
qui sait motiver ses troupes
qui t'apprend des choses, qui est franc
qui vous donne des ordres, des directives
réfléchi, impartial


Je pense qu'un bon patron est quelqu'un qui t'aide à rélèver les défis ou enjeux au moment sans faire ton travail bien entendu. Est celui que te montrer à quoi sert ce que tu fait, qui partage les succès et les défaites, qui est honnête quand les choses ne vont pas. En bref, quelqu'un qui sait communiquer.

I think the American thing about wanting a job "that doesn't take up all their time, or even one that is outdoors" stems from the differences between French and American workweeks. I believe (French people, please correct me if I'm wrong) that the French are expected to work much less than Americans, and also get alot more vacation time. Here in the US, you are often expected to work forty hour weeks or more, with maybe two weeks of vacation a year not counting holidays, and the holiday vacations are pretty meager. In France I don't think they have to worry about getting lost in their work as much as Americans because they have more self-time built into their schedules. I wish we could be more french in that aspect! (I'm the outdoors person..hopefully my job will be testing out boats..)

I agree with Pablo a good boss must be a leader. In a way he must be your role model not just the person that decides your salary or tells you what to do.