a good citizen

Un bon

 does what is right

improves society

performs his/her civic duty conscionably

upholds the law, votes

who abides the law, votes, and discusses current events

who gives something back to the community.

who has a sense of duty to his country.

who helps the community.

who is active and informed in political debates.

who is informed and opposes hatred.

who is willing to help for no immediate reward

who obeys the law, patriotic, performs civic dutie

who obeys the laws of the state.

who pays follows the laws and helps the economy

who supports and suggests open minded ideas

who votes regularly and obeys the law.

will fight for their country

 qui respecte la loi et défend son pays.

qui aime les autres

qui fait vivre son pays

qui réfléchit aux répercusions de ses actes

qui respecte droits et devoirs civiques

qui respecte la loi

qui respecte la société

qui respecte les autres et les biens communs.

qui respecte son environnement

qui respecte son pays

qui va voter

qui vote

qui vote et qui aide les autres en cas de problème

respecte les lois, vote

respecte, s'investit, vote


Good citizens

In both countries, the notion of a good citizen implies some sort of obligation to the country. However, I see that that nearly all the French responses are focused on serving the countries and the laws (with the exception of "qui aime les autres.") From this exercise, we beleive that there needs to be more open discussion of political ideas. This however could be interpreted as serving the nation. If so, it is still a more concrete example than the French statements. Both Americans and French have rather abstract views, with Americans having slightly more concrete examples (discussions, being informed, votes) as compared to just "qui vote." Are common people involved much in poitics in France? Someone said "qui aime les autres." COuld you explain more what this means?

A good citizen

While the notion of respect is very important in the American culture, it seem that respect defines a good citizen in France. Do you think that the French have more respect for themselves and for others? Americans tend to be very results-oriented in that we responded that in order to be a good citizen, we need some feedback. Do you think Americans base too many of their decisions on how it affects them?


It seems to me that the French have a more passive view of politcal particiaption than the Americans. The American responses indicate that they feel that a good citizen not only obeys the law, but actively works to improve their community and country. I didn't find this type of civic duty in the French resonses. Is political activism encoraged in France? Also, could this possibly passive politcal climate help explain the rsie of the Front National? I see no other way that such an openly racist and hateful party could acsend to such power. Recall that it was the passive politcal climate in Weimar Germany that helped the National Socialist Party (Nazi) rise to power. What do students fell about the FN, and all its implications? Are their demonstrations in response to this party?