A "good" job is a job...

Un "bon" job est un job...

which is interesting and high-paying

which is rewarding (paywise or workwise)

with flexible hours and good pay

that is interesting and has a good pay.

where one has the opportunity to make money.

that pays alot of money, that makes you happy

that is interesting and rewarding.

that you look forward to going to every day.

where one enjoys and is interested in the work

that is enjoyable.

that is enjoyable

like mine

is one that you're happy with

that makes you happy

that you enjoy and which pays well.

that you love to do and pays well

that provides for your needs.

pays well but more importantly brings satisfaction

where you feel comfortable and happy.

you enjoy and allows you enough food and shelter

that you wouldn't describe as work

which is interesting and pays well.

where you can learn and be respected.

with money and research opportunities.

that you enjoy on many levels.

that pays for the basic needs and some extra

that pays well

diverse, challenging

interesting and quiet


intéressant mais avec du temps libre

où tu ne vois pas le temps passer

intéressant et diversifié


intéressant et bien payé


qu'on aime.

que l'on a choisi



que vous aimez bien

donc on peut s'amuser.


qui me plait


qui paye bien, pas trop ennuyant

passionnant et enrichissant

que l'on fait avec passion

intéressant et qui donne du temps libre

qui est intéressant et bien payé (utopie !!!)

bien payé

qui payé

qui payé