A "good" job is a job...

Un "bon" job est un job...

that's good

pays well, interesting

which allows you to use your full potential.

that you enjoy

that pays well, is interesting and is dynamic.

that you like and that pays well

that stimulates, interests and isn't obsessive

that is fulfilling and benficial to society

that makes you happy.

which is both stimulating and well-paying.

that changes all the time and pays well.

you enjoy , a well-paying job

that one enjoys doing and pays well.

that one enjoys.

you like and pays well enough to show respect

that is fun, that makes you happy

which you enjoy.

that you enjoy

that you wouldn't mind doing on a Saturday

done with no complaints.


interessant et enrichissant

bien paye et qui est interessant

ou l'on fait ce que l'on aime

qui nous plait

qui est interessant et qui paye bien

qui paye bien

qui rapporte en plaisant

dont l'activite m'interesse


ou on se sent bien, bien remunere, interessant

interessant, qui laisse de la liberte

ou le matin en y allant on ne se lamente pas

ou on aime ce que l'on fait

interessant avec des collegues interessants

interessant, bien paye