a good job

Un bon


is fun and in which the salary is good.

that always you individuality and a good living.

that challenges you and has a great environment

that i like

that is inspiring and well-payed

that one both enjoys and gets payed well from

that pays lots of money.

that pays well, that you enjoy

that provides for you comfortably in a friendly atmosphere

that utilizes your best skills.

that you enjoy

that you have fun doing

that you look forward to going to

where you have both freedom and guidance

which pays well, is interesting

you enjoy.

bien payé, avec peu de présence.
qu'on aime, avec responsabilités, voyages, argent

que l'on aime

qui est intéressant

qui est intéressant et bien rémunéré.

qui intéresse, qui est gratifiant

qui ne prend pas trop de temps

qui nous plait et ou on gagne bien sa vie

intéressant, dans lequel on s'épanouit

intéressant, diversifie, bien payé

intéressant, qui permet de progresser, bien payé

intéressant, respecte l'équilibre avec vie privée
stable, bien rémunéré, et qui plait

sur un sujet stimulant



The American and French responses to this question were almost identical,but one French response seemed to stand out. There was no equivalent to the word "stable" or the idea of job stability in the American responses. The is so little unemoployment in America right now, that this raerly factors into our idea of a good job. I belive that unemployment is a larger problem in Europe. How difficult is it to find a stable job when you graduate college? Do students have jobs during their time at the univeristy, and what about during the summer? In America it is expected that students will work during the summer, and many also work during the school year. How much does attending a grande ecole affect your future, and the ability to find a good job?

Hello, people. This is a good topic!!!

Well, John, you posted your message on Thursday, and it's now Sunday. I wonder why nobody has responded. Everyone wants to talk about alcohol and parties, I guess...not that I blame them.

I think you brought up some very good questions. I suppose job security is a BIG issue in France right now. "Le chomage" is not quite the same in France as it is in the US. As for students working during the summer, yeah, I'm interested as well how the school year works at INT and other "grande ecoles". I've been interviewing for jobs for this summer since October. That is the norm for American college students. As for working part-time during the school year, I personally get too involved with my fraternity and with varsity volleyball, so I don't have much time to take on any part-time jobs. As soon as I graduate next June, I plan to be working full-time. Basically, I'm curious about the same issues as John. How does work fit into your school schedule at INT, and what are your future plans upon graduation, etc?

Important things for job

An interesting thing about the job responses is that both French and American students rated 'liking' the job first, and 'money' second. I think this is really interesting. Of course, a good job should be both interesting and pay well, but what is the relative importance of the two? I know I could probably not do something I really hate just because I got a lot of money for it. On the other hand, I would generally prefer a higher paying job over the lower paying one. What are your thoughts on this? What is the needed financial reward for doing less 'interesting' jobs.