A good neighbor is someone

Un bon voisin est quelqu'un qui

is one that u have a real relationship with
is willing to do anything for his/her children.
takes care of your fish while you're on vacation, calls the police when someone tries to break in, doesn't peep through your windows
who asks how you are doing when they see you, who lends a hand.
who does not complain about noise, who cares about you
who interacts with you but respects your property
who invites us over for dinner, always says hi, and stops to talk.
who is friendly.
who is there to lend a hand
who is thoughtful, who is respectful
who leaves you alone, isn't too noisy
who lends a helping hand, who is friendly, who is respectful.
who listens and respects those around him.
who makes your surroundings safer, who listens to your problems.
who minds their own business.
who mows your lawn when your gone and doesn't pry. They also have kids the same age as your kids so they can play together.
who offers help and is kind to his/her neighbors
who offers to help you fix your car, who doesn't complain when you have a party
who respects you in many ways -- foremost, giving you the privacy you deserve
who respects your property and space
who socializes with you, who does not insult you, who takes of your house when you are away, lets you borrow their tools.
who welcomes you
who you can talk to and trust with your spare key.
who you can talk to every now and then, who is friendly

à qui on parle
à qui parler
calme , serviable, souriant.
d'avenant, de discret, de serviable
de poli, de souriant
de respectueux, de discret, et d'aidant
de serviable
de serviable
de serviable
de serviable
de serviable
de sympathique
drôle, souriant
ne fait pas de bruit, respecte ses voisins
que vient prendre l'apéro chez toi,que respecte notre vie privée et qui est présent quand t'as bésoin de quelque chose, amitié pourquoi pas?
qui est accueillant.
qui est agréable
qui n'est pas envahissant
qui rend service
qui te saoule pas en cours
respectueux du voisinage
sympathique et convivial


I agree with the others that Americans seem to expect actions and services from their neighbors whereas the French just expect the usual formalities - saying hi and bye.