A good parent is someone who

Un bon parent est quelqu'un

cares for his child, is loving
cares for his children, who brings up his children in the ways of the Lord and righteous living, and one who sets an example for his children in all he does.
encourages their child without being too restricting.
is honest with his children, listens to his children
knows how to listen, is attentive, is understanding, has time for their kids.
looks after their children and allows them to grow into individuals
loves and takes care of their family
loves his children.
loves his sons and daughters, takes care of his sons and daughters
loves their children unconditionally and helps them become good people.
spends time with their kids, sets bounds for their kids
supports and has unconditional love
takes the time to listen to their children, but can remain strict
teaches their children what they can and treats them with respect always.
teaches, loves, dicsiplines
wants you to pursue what makes you happy.
who cares and provides
you can talk to, supports and understands you, wants the best for you

aide, comprend, est patient et attentif
aime , éduque, et fait des sacrifices pour ses enfants
aime et éduque ses enfants
aime et éduque ses enfants
aime, protège, pose des limites.
aime, soutien ses proches, sa famille. quelqu'un qui sait les écouter et les comprendre sans juger, sans porter un regard désapprobateur.
apprend , éduque, aime, protége
ecoute, t'endre et sévére, attentif, aiment
est present
est présent même quand on a pas besoin de lui.
qui fait tout pour le bonheur de ses enfants.
s'occupe de sa famille
t'aime pour ce que tu es, pas pour ce qu'il veut que tu sois.
t'écoute, qui t'aime et qui est compréhensible avec nos besoins
à l'écoute de ses enfants, aime ses enfants


Caretaker vs. Teacher

The US side seems to prefer a parent who's loving and attentive, a good caretaker. In France, a parent is also loving, but less of an attentive caregiver and more of a teacher. I suppose I'd say these are similar, the first is more along the lines of: here are your boundaries, what would like to do and learn today. The second is more along the lines of: you should not go here, it is best if you do and learn these things today. Is that a fair assesment? A good French parent is someone who is a teacher, and who is authoritative?

similar responses

It seems to me that the concepts that appear more often are almost the same in both the French and the American sides. The idea that is repeated the most is that a good parent loves his children. The second most common response is that a good parent listens to his children.

spend time with kids

One thing that only the Americans mention is that a good parent is someone who spends time with their kids.

Love and Like

I found it interesting in that when we had word associations, the word "aime" never popped up in regards to families for the French, while the word "love" was throughout the American responses. However, once we switch over to sentences, most of the French responses began using the word "aimer" to describe how a parent should treat the child. What kind of context is the word "aimer" used in and what kind of context is the word "amour" used in and is there a substitute for those words?