a good parent

Un bon

 knows how much/little parenting is appropriate

loves you

loves you, helps you

teaches the kids good values and moralities

who gives instills respect and love in you.

who guides you and loves you.

who is responsible and loves his/her children
who is there for you, but gives you space.

who listens to you and who is not conservative

who loves you no matter what

who respects one's individuality.

who supports your decisions, loves you regardless

who teaches dicipline, morals, and a work ethic

who teaches his child how to act responsibly
who teaches you how to live to the fullest.

who uses both discipline and compassion

who will lend you a hand when you need support.

 aime ses enfants, veux leur bien, donne éducation

d'attentif et de discret

est un soutien.

écoute, comprend, aide, conseille, explique

qui est toujours la

qui laisse son enfant grandir, respecte ses choix

qui m'aime et m'aide à me diriger dans la vie

qui nous apprend à vivre

qui prend le temps de s'occuper de ses enfants

qui sait éduquer ses enfants

qui sait éduquer et responsabiliser

qui vit en accord avec le reste de la famille

qui vous aime

qui vous aime

qui vous éduque correctement


There seems to be a universal view of a good parent, although the french find it more important to always be there for their children. Most Americans today find themselves raising children while having a job, which makes quality time more important. Amid late night tv shows and dinner we find it important to teach the values and morals which are not necessarily instilled by our culture. Does french culture teach children discipline, morale, and work ethic?


It seemed to me that the American response were much more concerned with the parents showing love and respect for their children than the French responses. Is this because the you simply assumed that love was part of being a good parent, or do you feel it more important that the parents educate their children?

How do french parents educate their children?

It seems like the upbringing of a child is somewhat important in a way that the parents teach the child the value, the manner, etc. How do the french parents do this? If you could, please describe by giving a real example or two.

I think Julie brought up a very good point. One of the oft-cited reasons for the crimes, violence and declining moral standards in american society is the decline in family coherence and marital bonds. With so many single or divorced parents or many families in which both parents are busy working, children need to look for other sources of guidance which can be church, peer groups, or other adults. Unfortunately there isn't such a thing as an ethics class in school, though I wish there were. So my question is the same as Julie's, which is how does French society teach ethics and values to its children when their parents can't do the job?