communication, information
communication, massive
connections, information, communication
email, necessary, information, communication
essential, daily, connection
freedom, fun, addictive
freedom, tool, resource
google, email, messenger
google, porn, email
hub, web, wireless
information, communication
information, resource, bridge
revolutionary, Al Gore (joke), communication, research
small world, convenience
speed, convenience, spam
tool, google
website, untrustworthy, e-mail
world wide web, accessible
World Wide Web,information highway

communication, information, rencontres, technologie
communication, ouverture, partage
communication, technologie, progrès,
international, informations
monde, information, technologie, contact, outil,
nouvelles technologies, moyens de communiqué
réseau, connexions, monde
technologie, indispensable, avenir, communication
technologie, information, poubelle, échange
toile pc
web, monde, conaissances,
échange, efficace, pratique, lien entre les mondes
échanges, mais pas assez de limites et de contrôles


very similar

Both sides see the internet as an important way to communicate/provide information. A few words give the impression that it is only a tool (google, email) while others hint to it meaning much more (freedom). Do you think the internet is another communication device (like the telephone) or something more? How important is it to your daily life?

international internet

I've noticed that the French answers are a lot more about "the world" and interconnectivity than the American ones. Do French people mostly visit foreign websites? France is smaller than the U.S. and speaks foreign languages better than Americans do, so I guess it makes sense that they would use the internet as an international tool. Like most Americans, I only rarely visit non-American websites. Does this sound about right?


Just as a side note, I thought it was funny how people on both sides consider the internet to be necessary and indispensable while others called it freedom. One thing that I found interesting was the word technology. It didn't appear at all on the American side but showed up seven times on the French side. I thought it might be because at MIT, we're completely surrounded by technology, and the internet has become just another common tool. How much is technology a part of your lives? Do you constantly use the internet like so many of us do in USA?

Pour Isaac Cambron

Le surf sur les sites du monde entier est courant et nécessaire afin de rechercher des informations cohérentes et précises. Le fait que la France soit plus petite que les Etats-Unis et qu’elle parle soi-disant plus de langues étrangères ne rentre pas dans le débat. Nos sites web sont spécialisés dans un domaine particulier et nous oblige à en consulter plusieurs alors qu’aux Etats-Unis un site web regroupe beaucoup de thèmes différents et un très grand nombre d’informations. Les sites américains sont d’ailleurs beaucoup plus nombreux que les notre ce qui vous ne oblige pas à chercher des informations sur des sites web étrangers.

Look at the graphs

I was looking at the charts that Matthieu uploaded (by the way, impressive work) and it is fair to say that Internet is one of the words that has the most positive connotation on both sides (only 10% of negative terms on the American side and 4% on the French side). However, I'm surprised that there are very few words that really distinguish the Internet from other communication means, especially on the French side. Then the question is: what makes the Internet different from the telephone, TV, ordinary mail, radio, etc? I personally think that it's related to the degree of interconnection, the volume of information, and its accessibility.