cars, houses, clothes
cash, flow
danger, useful, stewardship
debt, owe, earn
expense, green
food, house, necessary
greed, power
green, gold
green, power, corruption
green, useful, yummy
house, travel
luxury, success, value
my goal, funding, love spending it.
power, consumption
power, control
power, necessity, happiness
power, possessions, elite
power,hard work

ambition, liberté, achats, plaisir d'offrir
bonheur ,malheur, nécessité
corruption, réussite, pouvoir d'achat,
cupidité, besoin, investissement
ne fait pas le bonheur, 1mal nécessaire
outil, voyages, nécessaire,
pourri, fait vivre, nécessité
pouvoir, esclavage, asservissement, nécessaire
pouvoir, travail, solitude, jalousie,
pouvoir, travail, élite, problèmes
sale, avarice
travail travail
utile, necessaire, vivre, accesoire



Money is an avenue for gaining power. For example, look at the people running for president of the US, the campaigns alone are costing millions of dollars. Someone without the necessary funds would not even be able to run.


Stewardship is the defining characteristic of a steward. A steward is someone who is in charge of someone else's property or finances. Regarding power, it is definitely true in the U.S., and I'm guessing it's similar in France, that the wealthiest are the most powerful. With wealth, not only are material goods more attainable, but one has a greater political influence, due to one's propensity to vote and the possiblity of contributing to political campaigns

Power II

To have power is to have some degree of control over something. Definitely when you have money there are many things you can control, for example the media.

Power III

I think that power is regarded as a good trait to have, on the other hand, many people without power tend to dislike those that have and thus be discontent towards authority. I think in the American sense of the work it is absolutely positive, because with money, we can do more things. On the other hand, do the French have less of a view of power? Is power more to one's disliking?

Pouvoir I

Une simple phrase: l'argent amène le pouvoir :-)

Money=Power and Power...

Money is Power. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. :) I think that, in the US, since we have a history of having corrupt officials and then having a few (or a lot) of being trying to boot them out of office, we tend to regard money (and power) in a more positive light. Because, yes, we'll get corrupt officials. It's bound to happen sooner or later. But it's also true that there are people who make an attempt to stop these corrupt officials. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it does. And since the system allows for people to complain (loudly) about those corrupt officials, we're perhaps less afraid of corruption as a whole. Of course, I could be completely wrong about this. And then there's the whole, "Well, I kind of need money to get anywhere in life," perspective. Since money is necessary for human life in any human system that I know of...

Question of representation

Do you feel that you are representative of most French: ie are your answers with regard to money the same as most French would have answered?

Oooops... I made a mistake.

J'ai écrit "du puissance". Or, je voulais écrire : "de la puissance". Sorry....

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Gaëlle, you're impossible !! But we're nice, so you're excused. Signed : an american student...

Is Money Enough to Acquire Power?

Well, I'd have to say: no. I equate power with family history, competence, cunning, skill and hard work. Not all of those are necessary to have power, but I'd say that you'd need two or three of those together to obtain (and keep) power. For example, you could be like one of those nobles who inherit a lot of money and squander it all away, thus losing any power they might have gained. In that case, you'd need competence (so you don't lose all your money), cunning (to keep other power-hungry people from taking away your money and/or power) and money.

Amendment to Previous Statement

Actually, I'd like to take back what I just said... You probably don't need competence and cunning to keep your money and/or power. You can hire someone ELSE to do the thinking for you. Of course, then you'd have to find someone very, very loyal to you or your family...