My privacy is invaded when

Ma vie privée est atteinte quand

a girl vomits on my bed
anybody goes through any of my stuff, such as reading my email or anything else on my computer, or any of my letters or journals, or in general rummaging through my room or my belongings without my explicit permission.
companies sell my personal info to advertising companies
I feel threatened.
I have to share a room with my small bro.
I realize that I'm doing something wrong and other people realize it too.
my personal records are read or seen, or when my private space (my room) is entered without my knowledge or permission.
others read my mail/email
people go closer than two feet to me, other people try to dig into my business.
people make an effort to find out personal information that I did not offer them
somebody breaks into my house
someone does something, which concerns my personal feelings or property, that makes me uncomfortable.
someone goes through my stuff without my permission
someone harrasses me
someone is physically too close, someone goes through my things
someone makes me uncomfortable, someone harasses me
someone takes or reads something of mine without asking first
someone tries to find out something that I did not want them to find out, or if they snoop around my room

elle est brisée, on me surveille
il y a atteinte à la liberté personnelle
Je ne suis pas encore une star!
on commet des indiscrétions à mon sujet
on la viole, la dévoile, la pille : ne respecte pas mon intimité.
on m'en parle
on m'oblige à dévoiler des choses que je voudrais garder pour moi ou un certain cercle
on me pose des questions indiscrètes sur mes parents, ma vie de couple.
on me pose des questions indiscrètes.
on ne respecte pas mes principes
on nuit à mes droits
on se méle de ma vie , on cherche a me nuire,
on touche a ma famille, mes amis, quand on me ment
on y fait intrusion, on la dévoile au public sans mon autorisation
une personne s'interesse à moi pour le seule intérêt de me faire du mal ou de faire du mal à mes proches.


Fear of Disclosure of Personal Info

It seems obvious that the fear of other people going through our personal belongings (including letters, emails, journals and other personal records) without our 'explicit permission' is the major invasion of privacy in America. This seems understandable because important personal info can sometimes be revealed in our random records. People who intend to do harm to the others can, therefore, use such information to assist them. In France, however, students seem to pay more attention to whether one's rights and principles are respected. Would this be due to a relatively smaller problem of frauds in France?

4th amendment

In the US one of our most protected rights is the right to privacy, contatined in the 4th amendment with the right not to be subjected to unnecessary unlawful searches and seizures. Is there a similar 'right' in France? Do the police need warrants before searching someone's home?

Intrusive questions

On the French side, three students mention "indiscreet questions" as something that invades their privacy. I also noticed that one French student didn't complete the sentence related to "the most significant events in someone's life" saying that it was "personnel!!!". Is asking about significant events an indiscreet question? Can you give me more examples of indiscreet questions? Are French people particularly sensitive about being asked personal questions?


Oui la police a besoin d'un mandat pour penetrer chez autrui. Seulement depuis peu, une nouvelle loi vient de passer donnant beaucoup plus de libertés a la police au sujet de l'ecoute telephonique, de l'espionnage et de la garde a vue

questions indiscretes

En france il ya enormement de tabou, comme les convictions religieuses et politiques, car certaines sont bannies par l'opinion publique. de plus les questions relatives a la vie conjugale sont aussi considérées comme indiscrète; car je ne sais si c'est la même chos chez vous, mais en france les situations familliales sont extremement compliquées car il y a beaucoup de divorces de famille mono parentale et les francais ne sont pas indiscret sur ces sujets


How do you react to the new laws increasing the powers of police? Do you think that the goverment is taking away your freedoms? Or do you think that it is what is best for the common good? Do any of you feel that the government is about to take a hostile takeover of all your rights? (there are such people here). What is more imporant to you: your freedoms/rights or your safety/culture? Here freedom is part of what defines our culture, our way of life.

"indiscrete" questions

Isn't the divorce rate in the states like 50% now or something? Or it might only be a third. I guess I wouldn't find it weird or "indiscrete" (that's such a funny word) to start a conversation with someone about religion or politics or family because these are things that every single person has in common---not necessarily what kind of religion or politics or family they might have, but the fact that they have them (well, with religion and politics even not having them counts, but whatever). With politics, it's so easy to start a conversation with, so what do you think about that new amendment they're trying to pass? And if you agree or disagree or whatever, it's still a way to get to know the person better and have a good conversation. Hey, isn't there some quote about that? Anyhow. And family is so easy... "when I was little, ..." and that naturally leads into what kinds of funny siblings you have or what kind of weird and crazy aunts and uncles... I guess I don't understand _why_ these topics would be taboo when it's so easy to start a natural conversation with them.