barbecue, friend, sharing
brother, interesting, accountable
complaints, annoying
friendly aquaintences, argue about whose car goes where
friendly, helping
friendly, hicks
friends, family, dogs
friends, help
friendship, parties, noise
kind, helpful
nearby,friends, enemies
neighbour, next-door
nice, quiet, friendly
noisy, silly
non-existent, chatty, old
people, friends
Ron and Linda, Mr. Rogers, be mine
the Bible, dorm, suburbs

ami, maison
amis, connaissances, aide
amis, relations,
bruillant, discrét
chiant bruillant
connaissances, relations
convivialité, bruit,
curieux, pervers
embetant ,appartement
emmerdeurs, bruit,
entente, indifférence, entraide
pas de relation


"the bible"

je ne comprend pas bien le lien entre les voisins et " the bible"?

The Bible

This is probably a reference to the verse, "Do unto your neighbors as you would have them do unto you." Also known as the Golden Rule. Also, "Love your neighbor as yourself.." (Matthew 19:19 for that last one.) The word "neighbor" isn't usually used in the same context as it seems to be used in the Bible, so it makes sense that someone might think of the Bible first.