A "polite" person is someone...

Une personne "polie" est une

who minds his/her business

thinks of others before himself

who takes into consideration other peoples feeling

who doesn't hurt feelings

who treats people the way they would like to be tr

who doesn't interrupt others and is modest

who is courteous and sensitive

who considers the feelings of others

who is respectful of other's wishes.

who can be assertive but who uses tact.

who is genuine and friendly in conversation.

who respects other people


who tells you something is wrong the right way.

who doesn't interrupt

who only says nice things

who is well-mannered.

who is a stranger

who is considerate and has good manners

who remembers your name.


bien elevee

qui respecte les autres

qui respecte son environnement exterieur

qui est aimable meme si elle ne veut pas l'etre

qi respecte les autres

qui n'offusque jamais ses interlocuteurs

qui ecoute

appliquant les regles de la vie sociale

qui est agreable

non vulgaire, qui a du savoir vivre

courtoise et galante

avec du savoir vivre

bien elevee

respectant les autres

qui respecte les autres, qui repond a un sourir...