A rude person is someone

Une personne impolie est quelqu'un

ignores adults, lies, is a bully
is probably wounded but needs grace, caring, patience, love, and kindness.
not nice, talking on a cellphone, intolerant
who acts like a jerk, who is impolite
who disrespects others, and cuts across others in conversations
who does not listen to others.
who doesn't care about the opinions of the others
who doesn't care what others think or feel, and doesn't mind showing it.
who doesn't have manners.
who doesn't listen to others.
who ends up offending people because they don't consider the others' feelings to be important.
who has no regard for the well-being of others
who is aggresive
who is arragent, who scorns at people
who makes other people uncomfortable, who has no idea how stupid he sounds.
who says what he means.
who treats other people poorly
who's disrespectful

d infréquentable, d irritant, ne sait pas se tenir a table, ne sait pas parler , intolérant
d'égoïste, qui ne respecte rien ni personne.
de sans gêne, irrespectueux des autres physiquement et moralement
mal eleve
ne respecte pas dans ses paroles, son comportement, ses interlocuteurs
ne respecte personne, pense qu'a lui, aucune éducation
qui a une trop haute estime de soi et qui se permet de juger.
qui manque de respect envers les autres
qui met ses doigt dans son nez, bouscule tout le monde, ne dit jamais merci, et parle toujours sans écouter.
qui n'a aucun égard pour autrui, qui est grossier
qui n'a pas eu la chance d'avoir de l'éducation
qui ne dit pas bonjour en arrivant et qui a un comportement incorrecte en société.
qui ne pense qu'à lui
qui ne pense qu'à lui même et qui ne respecte pas autrui.
sale, vulgaire, inrespectueux, sans gêne


personne impolie

vous avez 3 sortes de réactions: certains sont très critiques et jugent sévèrement les personnes impolies, d'autres restent très descriptifs et sont plutôt neutres. Enfin, un seul d'entre vous a pitié des ces personnes. Quels sont vos critères de politesse?


I noticed that a lot of our responses were very judgemental. I'm not sure, but I don't think that our definitions of politeness are very different; it just seems that Americans draw more conclusions than we really should. I'm guessing that a lot of people thought about a specific rude person they knew and wrote a corresponding description. I noticed a similar trend of making assumptions in the "Someone from a Good Family" responses. When I wrote my answers to these questions, I tried to remain impartial and keep to the term at hand, and I think my answers may have made less of an impact because of that.


Along these lines, i found it interesting that the lack of education was only mentioned on one side. Perhaps Americans think that rudeness is more a part of the person's personality, rather than a lack of experience?


I suppose I don't normally think of things as "rude". I mean, the guy talking on his cell phone at inopportune times, certain things at the table, littering, etc. are all things that bug me a bit, and I might say are rude at one level or another, but I would usually think of them as something else, such as "this person is being a inconsiderate" or "This person is disgusting" or "this person has no respect for our world". When I think of "rudness" I usually think of verbal rudness or things my grandparents would say are rude or the pompus affluent people you see on TV in various shows (Darma & Greg comes to mind - Greg's mother).