Someone lights up

Quelqu'un allume
une cigarette

 ask a waiter to ask them to stop

Ask him to put it out.

ask them to please stop smoking

ask waitress to let him know

during summer, it's a good way to prevent mosqitos

Glare but not say anything. It's not worth fighting for

I feel like giving the smoker a dirty look

I say, "Excuse me, this is the non-smoking area."

i tell them to go outside

i would ask him/her for one too.

I would ask them to stop.

I would tell them to put it out or move to a different table

I'll walk up to him and ask him to leave.

leave immediately if the maitre d does not make the smoker stop.

maybe tell the waitress

politely ask them to extinguish it

say, "I'm sorry, did you know this is a N.S. section?"

See who the person is, but not worry about it

Start coughing really loudly and pretend to choke.

 si ça me gêne vraiment je lui demande
s'il a vu le panneau gentiment

si je suis avec qqun que ça dérange, je lui demande
d'arrêter de funer

si je suis en train de manger, je le fais remarquer

Si je suis vraiment incomodé, je lui demande d'arrêter

il ne devrait pas par respect pour les autres, moi ca ne me dérrange

Je demande poliment si la personne peut aller ailleurs ou arrêter

je fume donc je ne dis rien

je lui demande de l'éteindre

je lui demande en souriant si ça le gêne que je
ne fume pas

je lui demande poliment d'éteindre sa cigarette

Je lui fais la remarque que nous sommes dans la section non fumeurs.

je lui fais remarquer qu'il est en tord

je m'en fou

je ne dis rien jusqu'à la deuxième cigarette

je rale ou demande à changer de place


Indirect vs. direct

I noticed that while the French students seemed to be more polite in dealing with this situation, they were also more direct. American students responded that they would enlist the help of a third-party, such as a waiter. I think Americans are usually pretty direct. Do you think the French are more or less direct than Americans?


Aside from third party help, Americans also mentioned non-verbal tactics such as dirty looks, which I personally find ineffective as well as rude. How would a French smoker respond to such a look?